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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies that use Impress range in size from 3-600 employees. Impress is attractive to businesses of many sizes (small, medium, large) because of its functionality and configurable design. Our modular design lets you pick-and-choose the features you want so you can tailor Impress to fit your particular requirements or budget. A smaller company may start with just the base system to manage their business. Then over time as their business grows (with the help of Impress) they can add functionality to manage these emerging parts of their business: Shop Floor Controls, Warehouse, Online Ordering and Web Stores, etc. Impress’s modular design allows the system to grow with your business over time.

Only Impress is able to scale such a wide range of company sizes and our feature set, scalable design and in house support staff is what allow us to do so.

Yes, Impress has been designed to help you manage any type of Apparel Decorating work:

  • Custom
  • Contract
  • Pre-Decorated

Yes, in addition to handling multiple types of Apparel Decorating orders Impress can also be used to manage your promotional goods inventory as well: mugs, key chains, pens, pencils, etc.

Yes using common Microsoft technologies already available on your server.

With the Customer Web Portal, your customers will be able to do a number of things including checking the status of their order.

  • Check the status of their orders
  • Look up previous orders or invoices
  • Pay open invoices
  • Approve artwork (automatically updates status in Impress™)
  • Acknowledge order confirmation (automatically updates status in Impress™)

The Customer Web Portal will also allow your Sales Reps to view similar data:

  • Check status of customer orders (only their customers)
  • View and print unpaid invoices (only their customers)
  • View customer account summary
  • Check on their commissions

Note: because the Customer Web Portal is running on a Windows server, there are no monthly hosting fees or special software required. All your customers or sales reps need is an internet connection and a browser.

Impress does not run natively on a Mac. However, Mac users can easily connect to Impress by taking advantage of the Windows RDS (Remote Desktop Service) program that is available to Mac users for free. This RDS connection does not require the Mac user to boot in a Dual Operating System Mode or run the windows operating system from their Mac machine.

Impress is a server based application and there are no additional costs associated with running it from the workstations.

Yes, there are several areas in Impress where you can modify the program by creating and adding custom fields without the need for custom programming. However, in the event that you have a business imperative that requires something more than this we are open minded to the idea of customizing Impress itself.  Any custom modifications will be incorporated into Impress and maintained by Impress Software going forward. This approach ensures that the client does not become cut off from future upgrades or have to pay additionally to re-work previous custom modifications.

You can add optional modules or additional users any time as your budget allows or business needs change.

Impress Software has been in business over 24 years and has successfully implemented hundreds of installations across the nation since our inception. Our implementation specialists will come to your location to conduct onsite training and be there when you go-live. We have taken our accumulated experience and knowledge of what it takes to successfully implement Impress and developed our own step-by-step implementation plan. These steps were designed specifically to get you, our new client, up and running as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption to your normal business activities.


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