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Impress offers a comprehensive business management solution with full production scheduling, inventory control and financial integration, developed as a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the decoration processes and into accounting. Impress incorporates the critical needs of apparel decorators, including artwork and design management, purchasing through supplier integrations, customer portals, and shipping. Discover how we meet the unique needs of your industry.

A Complete Solution That Accounts For Apparel Decorator’s Needs

  • Order Entry
  • Design and Artwork Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Sales Quotations
  • Production Center
  • Commissions
  • Order Status Boards
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Barcode Order Tracking
  • Production Scheduling
  • Sales and Marketing
Art Desktop

Design and Artwork Management

Improve productivity and eliminate costly errors with the artwork maintenance functionality of Impress. The solution enhances order detail visibility with its ability to associate image files (JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP) with each decoration and displays them on screen throughout the Impress solution and during production. Easily auto-generate design number based on customer ID and next available, mark designs as exclusive to customers, and identify garment specific color way assignments.

  • Track new artwork or concept by artist or due date
  • Maintain decoration price/cost tables
  • View art status reports
  • Assign royalty contract and tracking

Production Scheduling

Manage your shop floor quickly and easily with the solutions’ dynamic drag-and-drop functionality to schedule jobs based on type, work center availability, and resources. Impress offers enhanced visibility with color-coding and automated alerts to identify jobs that are in jeopardy of being late and require attention. Easily reschedule orders from over-allocated machines or work centers to areas that have availability to resolve problems before they can occur. The Production Scheduling application allows you to track: set-up, run time and employee productivity for each job and historically.

Production Screenshot

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Apparel Inventory Management Software

The solution’s comprehensive inventory control functionality manages the tracking of incoming, outgoing, and on-hand inventory status. Streamline purchasing and receiving with on-screen access to real-time inventory balances for up-to-the-minute visibility into your stock, non-stock, customer supplied, customer held, drop-ship, and separate or special order inventory. Impress automates low stock notification emails to ensure order fulfillment, improve your purchasing processes, and reduce expedite fees.

  • Pre-decorated or production order receiving
  • Multiple locations (warehouse, shelf, bin)
  • Customer-owned inventory
  • Print PO box labels
  • Physical inventory counts
  • Inventory reporting
  • Stock picking
Warehouse Management System Menu

Mobile Warehouse Management System

Take your warehouse(s) to another level with the WMS add-on application to dramatically improve efficiency in picking, packing, and shipping orders by streamlining day-to-day activities and maximizing the productivity of your warehouse and picking staff. Optimize inventory transactions with Microsoft Windows based tablets paired with bluetooth scanners to receive inventory, stock replenishments, conduct physical inventory counts, print labels, track order status, and manage stock picking, packing, and shipping of completed orders. Empower your warehouse workers with the functionality to ensure inventory accuracy, account for lag time and backorders, streamline order fulfillment, and reduce data entry.

  • Decrease operational expenses
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Enhance supplier relationships
  • Boost employee morale
  • Eliminate manual processes and dual data entry
  • Increase picking and inventory accuracy
  • Locate products quickly
  • Secure user-logins for accountability

Order Tracking and Management

This robust application tracks and manages production steps via hand-held devices with scannable barcodes on work orders, purchase order, packing slips, and other production process forms. Instead of manual data entry, warehouse and production employees simply scan the operational step they are performing and Impress automatically tracks the order status change, providing enhanced visibility and performance tracking from beginning sales order entry to completion.

Mobile Production Center

The production process is where it all comes together and Impress’s Production Center application is up to the task – providing visibility into production statuses, order information and approved artwork at employees’ fingertips with the ability to create custom alerts to improve floor processes. The integrated capabilities of the solution collects real-time information on job progress, time spent on each job, and the number of items produced to ensure shop efficiency.

  • Paperless ability to access order information
  • Identify fulfillment issues before they become customer problems
  • Job scheduling for each machine on the floor
  • Easily track setup and tear down of production runs
  • Record stats to track critical KPIs
  • Take detailed notes on jobs, designs, and artwork to improve future orders
  • Record and track misprints, defects, and operator efficiency

Customer Web Portal

Impress software’s customer web portal functionality takes your service up a level- providing your customer service and sales teams with 24-hour access, via web portal, to view their data in Impress. Customers can login and approve pending sales order and/or artwork, check the status of open orders, and look up historical invoices with UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking numbers. As an added convenience customers can utilize the portal to pay their open invoices online.

The customer portal enables your sales team to work with clients to request online customer approvals for sales orders, artwork, and revisions. Sales reps have the ability to login to review their sales activity, as well as commission reports.

Finance and Accounting

The accounting functionality of Impress allows you to produce customer invoices, accept payment, update customer information, and track customer aging in one centralized database. With access to accounting data, customer service and sales reps can email invoices and monthly statements, assist customers with account and order questions, and process credit cards with real-time access to sales order and invoice information from one solution.

Full Accounting Integration with Traverse

Impress offers seamless integration to Traverse, the leading accounting system from OSAS, the parent company of Impress. You’ll enjoy access to full financial reporting with customizable interactive views to capture the information most important to you in real-time. This link will automatically post entries made in Impress to Accounts Payable (PO) or General Ledger depending on the nature of the transaction. Traverse works in tandem with Impress to provide you up-to-date and accurate financial reporting without duplicate data entry.

Intuit Quickbooks Logo

Base Integration with other Accounting Software

Impress also provides a base integration with other popular accounting software packages like Intuit Quickbooks. You’ll be able to conveniently summarize sales information and manage payments.

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Adaptable Business Management Software

Built on the world’s most accepted technology, Impress offers a comprehensive set of functional capabilities with the ability to customize without the penalties commonly experienced with other software providers.

Backed by The Power of Microsoft

Impress is supported by leading-edge Microsoft technologies – .NET, SOA and SQL Server. It is designed for adaptability to meet the specific requirements of your business while staying current with the latest release.

Truly Global

If your business spans multiple countries or industries, the system can leverage broad functional capabilities including multi-language, multi-company, and multi-currency. It is the only industry-specific ERP system you will ever need.

Comprehensive Functionality

Impress offers a comprehensive business management ERP solution, developed as a complete system to meet the critical needs of apparel decorators from beginning sales order entry through shipping. Impress is a tailored solution that offers added functionality to fit your company’s particular requirements or budgetary needs and is designed for scalability as your needs change and grow.

Modifications Without Penalty

As an adaptable solution meant to meet your company’s unique business needs, our customizations never alter the underlying base code, allowing seamless incorporation of future updates. Adjusting to your ever-changing business needs is simplified with Impress software.

Take Your Shop Further With Industry-Specific Functionality

Impress offers a scalable business management software solution that allows screen printers and apparel decorators to tailor functionality to meet their unique requirements and budget. The core applications of the software handle the day-to-day activities while the additional modules tackle more specific business needs. Impress has been developed on leading-edge technology to meet the needs of the apparel decorating and promotional goods industry now and into the future with the ability to add optional modules, users and integrations over time as the company grows and requirements change.

Scalable functionality to help you grow:

  • Royalty Tracking
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Customer Portals
  • Customer Hangtag
  • XML/API Application
  • Shopping Carts
  • Supplier Integrations
  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Additional Shipping Integrations

Royalty Tracking

Manage royalties with ease by utilizing Impress software’s capabilities of accurately tracking royalties on a per item basis, percent of sales, or both.

XML/API Application

Impress Software has created an Extensible Markup Language (XML) API that allows users to extend the power of Impress to third-party applications or e-commerce sites to share data directly into Impress in real-time, reducing labor cost and data entry errors.


Impress seamlessly integrates with your EDI trading partners to provide efficiencies for key business transactions. Create, transmit, and receive document exchanges between your company and those you do business with.

SKU and Hangtag

Impress provides the functionality to translate your SKU numbers into a customer’s SKU for acknowledgements, invoices, and packing lists. The solution’s configurable layout allows you to print hangtags in virtually any size or format for each SKU item.


Real-time e-commerce functionality extends your shopping cart capabilities beyond order entry, allowing you to make sales transactions via the internet. With a user-friendly interface, easily administer online carts within Impress, automate changes to products, designs, and prices at the touch of a button – eliminating the need for a third-party webmaster.

Third-Party Integration

We recognize the importance of strong partnerships that complement our dedication to supporting the specific needs of our clients, especially in the decorated apparel, screen printing, and embroidery industries. We remain committed to working together with the Certified Partners of Impress to provide “industry best” solutions that make our software superior- meaning added strength for our customers. Learn more about our current integration partners

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