Over the years Impress Software has taken its experience and industry knowledge to develop a step-by-step implementation process. We work closely with our customers to help them to implement the solution before we begin training individuals in their use of Impress. Our years of experience in the Decorated Apparel Industry reduces your risk, increases the speed of implementation, and improves results.

Onsite Training/Go-Live Support

An Impress trainer will come to your location and conduct training classes for you and your staff. They will be on hand to provide assistance as you go-live with Impress. The number of days for training will vary depending on the overall number of users, optional modules installed, and the complexity of your business.

Data Migration

Converting the data from your old software into a new system shouldn’t be a nightmare. We have the tools and experience to get this job done. The decision regarding what data needs to be brought over will be influenced by several factors: the system you are converting from, the table structure, size of files, etc. Speak to your Impress software representative to determine what approach will work best for your company.

Software Maintenance

Reaching maximum return on investment is a top priority for any business. Software maintenance from Impress helps achieve that goal with a subscription-based program that offers your company the ability to benefit from new features and capabilities of the software as they become available. This protection gives you the latest major releases and continuous improvement with a significantly lower cost than letting your subscription lapse and paying to upgrade later.


We recognize that most business have their own unique business processes that differentiate them from other companies. If you need a solution tailored to your business needs, we can help. By building on the core package of Impress, we can help you meet your goals by putting the right tools in your hands.

Impress Integrates with All of These Systems and More

Impress Integrations

Technical Support

Please note that all support requests and questions for OSAS solutions can be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Via the Aptean Connect Portal
  2. Calling the respective product support phone number

To get started on Aptean Connect, please follow this link: Explore Aptean Connect. Once you're logged in, click on the Aptean Connect support link at the bottom of the screen. You can track the progress of your issue from the moment you submit it until it is resolved. Please click here to learn how to create a ticket.

Flexible service plans offer you the solution that meets your needs. Unlimited plans are available giving you the safety net to call or email anytime you need without worrying about additional charges. Customers can also choose a limited support plan. In either case you will receive regular updates to the software. Online support is also available via the Customer Web Portal where you will have access to our knowledge base training videos and help desk ticketing system.


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