Open Systems, Inc., leading business management software solution company, announced the nominations of their annual awards during its Connect 2019 user conference. The awards recognize high-achieving companies using an Open Systems adaptable solution to drive innovation and growth in their organizations. Spanning three categories, Stellar Success, Best Use of Technology for Growth and Active Advocate, the awards recognize customers who are leveraging the power of an Open Systems solution to evolve their operations.

“The award winners have elevated their respective companies while exceeding our expectations in the use of our adaptable ERP solutions, and for that, we applaud them for their hard work and dedication,” states Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO. “Fostering strong client partnerships supports our clients’ success, and in turn we too as a company succeed.”

The Award recipients include:


The company receiving this award has exceeded our expectations. Whether it be through speedy implementation, successful new product launch, or addition of a facility, software add-ons, or users, they have gone above and beyond to get the job done.

Award Recipient – M.T. Deason Company, Inc.
Since 2016, M.T. Deason has grown their company and software from 5 users to 40+ users with offices in Texas, New Jersey, Hong Kong and Birmingham, establishing themselves as a proven leader in the industry. Leveraging Open Systems’ Cloud Based Solution to facilitate their growth initiatives, M.T. Deason has successfully integrated multiple locations and reduced their infrastructure needs, allowing them to focus on other key areas for growth and opportunity.


The recipient has used an Open Systems software solution in a creative or innovative way that drastically improved their operations. By taking advantage of all resources and software functionality, this client was able to implement best practices that are making an impactful difference.

Award Recipient – BRANDT Consolidated, Inc.
BRANDT Consolidated successfully implemented the Advanced Analytics solution across their organization, designing and improving over 100 customized views that deliver accurate real-time data to their sales team. Their efforts have allowed them to creatively leverage Advanced Analytics to produce detailed sales reports across multiple territories, teams and sales associates. The custom views they created utilize charts, KPIs, graphs and advanced MDX coding, and have improved operations at their company.


This award recognizes a client who has gone out of their way to recommend Open Systems as an ERP software vendor of choice. Actively endorsing Open Systems and its product lines to prospects and clients alike, presenting themselves as a true brand ambassador.

Award Recipient – The Graphic Edge
The Graphic Edge team has been a great advocate for Open Systems’ Impress solution through direct referrals, offering to host onsite visits in their facilities and personal introductions at industry trade shows. As a recognized leader in the apparel decorating industry, The Graphic Edge team has been a valuable partner in endorsing Open Systems’ offerings and helping to build brand recognition.

“We congratulate all of this year’s award recipients and look forward to our continued partnership,” concludes Dr. Michael Bertini.