Open Systems, Inc., leading business management software solution company, today announced it will operate under the new brand name Open Systems Adaptable Solutions (OSAS). This new corporate identity signals a coming together of a multitude of product lines into one cohesive company dedicated to delivering industry-leading software solutions.

Incorporating Heritage and Constant Improvement
Building upon the decades of history of Open Systems, Inc., the new OSAS rebrand features the company’s three pillars: people, technology and support. By incorporating the identity of its foundational name, the new branding reflects the company’s continuous commitment to providing market-leading software solutions to meets clients’ needs today and into the future. The new logo is a representation of technology with a human element reflecting evolution and movement in the industry.

“Since purchasing Open Systems, Inc. in 1990, the company’s commitment to product development utilizing the latest technological advancements and our dedication to customer satisfaction has remained unaltered,” stated Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO, OSAS. “Our vision for 2020 stems from our original mission while focusing on adaptability as our clients’ trusted technology partner. Our continued success will provide for expanding opportunities with expanded global reach.”

A Unified Product Family
All of the solutions in the OSAS product family are designed to streamline, optimize and centralize business operations. The rebrand allows each product line – Traverse, ProcessPro, Master, Impress, Flex-Pack, Service, Open Systems Accounting Solution and SouthWare – to maintain their own solution name while interfacing with the OSAS identity. Each product solution utilizes the Global platform powered by OSAS to provide a cohesive look, feel and user-interface. This naming convention allows for future product releases and company acquisitions to seamlessly join the OSAS family.
“From accounting to adaptability, OSAS will continue to evolve with our clients and the markets that we serve to offer innovative solutions,” concluded Bertini.

About OSAS
Open Systems Adaptable Solutions, OSAS, is a market-leading provider of powerful and comprehensive ERP, accounting, and business management software solutions for companies in a broad range of industries. OSAS develops, implements and supports its solutions designed for manufacturing, distribution, not-for-profit, services, and job shop. Since its foundation in 1976, OSAS software provides companies the power and flexibility to tailor solutions to meet unique business needs and excel in their respective marketplaces through innovative product development and a commitment to client success. For more information, visit